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Intrinsic feature extraction using discriminant diffusion mapping analysis for automated tool wear evaluation

Yi-xiang Huang, Xiao Liu, Cheng-liang Liu, Yan-ming Li

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601512 Downloaded: 575 Clicked: 937 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Use of a coded voltage signal for cable switching and fault isolation in cabled seafloor observatories

Zhi-feng ZHANG, Yan-hu CHEN, De-jun LI, Bo JIN, Can-jun YANG, Jun WANG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601843 Downloaded: 388 Clicked: 656 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Adaptive robust neural control of a two-manipulator system holding a rigid object with inaccurate base frame parameters

Fan Xu, Jin Wang, Guo-dong Lu

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601707 Downloaded: 306 Clicked: 622 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Double-authentication-preventing signatures revisited: new definition and construction from chameleon hash

Fei Li, Wei Gao, Gui-lin Wang, Ke-fei Chen, Dong-qing Xie, Chun-ming Tang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700005 Downloaded: 272 Clicked: 564 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Improved three-vector based dead-beat model predictive direct power control strategy for grid connected inverters

Chen-wen Cheng, Heng Nian, Long-qi Li

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601874 Downloaded: 321 Clicked: 577 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Energy management for multi-microgrid system based on model predictive control

Ke-yong Hu, Wen-juan Li, Li-dong Wang, Shi-hua Cao, Fang-ming Zhu, Zhou-xiang Shou

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601826 Downloaded: 766 Clicked: 635 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Image-based 3D model retrieval using manifold learning

Pan-pan MU, San-yuan ZHANG, Yin ZHANG, Xiu-zi YE, Xiang PAN

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601764 Downloaded: 402 Clicked: 626 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Polarization multiplexing-based duplex radio-over-fier link for millimeter wave signal transmission to a ring of multiple radio access units


DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700056 Downloaded: 550 Clicked: 766 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Paper evolution graph: multi-view structural retrieval for academic literature

Dan-ping Liao, Yun-tao Qian

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700105 Downloaded: 344 Clicked: 483 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

RepoLike: a multi-feature-based personalized recommendation approach for open source repositories

Cheng Yang, Qiang Fan, Tao Wang, Gang Yin, Xun-hui Zhang, Yue Yu, Hua-min Wang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700196 Downloaded: 246 Clicked: 630 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Semantic composition of distributed representations for query subtopic mining

Wei Song, Ying Liu, Li-zhen Liu, Han-shi Wang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1601476 Downloaded: 281 Clicked: 489 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

TODIM and TOPSIS with Z-numbers

Renato A. KROHLING, André G. C. PACHECO, Guilherme A. DOS SANTOS

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700434 Downloaded: 334 Clicked: 372 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Intertidal area classification with GEV-distribution and Markov random field in quad-polarimetric SAR imagery

Ting-ting JIN, Xiao-qiang SHE, Xiao-lan QIU, Sha JIANG, Bin LEI

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700462 Downloaded: 222 Clicked: 550 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

An anchor-based spectral clustering method

Qin ZHANG, Guo-qiang ZHONG, Jun-yu DONG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700262 Downloaded: 233 Clicked: 425 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Design of a PCB stator coreless AFPM synchronous motor based on a novel topology Halbach array

Xiao-yuan WANG, Xiang LI, Chun-peng LI, Si-jia XU, Le-tao LING

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700345 Downloaded: 1103 Clicked: 470 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Adaptive network fuzzy inference system based navigation controller for mobile robot


DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700206 Downloaded: 316 Clicked: 606 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Aircraft safety analysis based on differential manifold theory and the bifurcation method

Chi ZHOU, Ying-hui LI, Wu-ji ZHENG, Peng-wei WU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700435 Downloaded: 302 Clicked: 408 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Accelerated haze removal for a single image by dark channel prior

Bo-xuan YUE, Kang-ling LIU, Zi-yang WANG, Jun LIANG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700148 Downloaded: 209 Clicked: 414 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A new auxiliary information-based cumulative sum median control chart for location monitoring

Shahid HUSSAIN, Li-xin SONG, Shabbir AHMAD, Muhammad RIAZ

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700428 Downloaded: 255 Clicked: 426 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Constructing pairing-free certificateless public key encryption with keyword search

Yang Lu, Ji-guo Li

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700534 Downloaded: 256 Clicked: 408 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Performance analysis of Stop and Wait ARQ protocol under Markovian interruptions

Dashdondov Khongorzul, Yong-Ki Kim, Mi-Hye Kim

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700185 Downloaded: 239 Clicked: 341 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Systematic exploration of signal-based indicators for failure diagnosis in the context of cyber-physical systems

Santiago Ruiz-Arenas, Zoltán Rusák, Imre Horváth, Ricardo Mejia-Gutierrez

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700277 Downloaded: 141 Clicked: 302 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

RFES: a real-time fire evacuation system for mobile Web3D

Feng-ting Yan, Yong-hao Hu, Jin-yuan Jia, Qing-hua Guo, He-hua Zhu, Zhi-geng Pan

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700548 Downloaded: 128 Clicked: 153 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Unsupervised feature selection via joint local learning and group sparse regression

Yue Wu, Can Wang, Yue-qing Zhang, Jia-jun Bu

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700804 Downloaded: 109 Clicked: 193 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Collaborative learning via social computing

Ricardo S. Alonso, Javier Prieto, Óscar García, Juan M. Corchado

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700840 Downloaded: 142 Clicked: 166 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Frequency-hopping transmitter fingerprint feature recognition with kernel projection and joint representation

Ping Sui, Ying Guo, Kun-feng Zhang, Hong-guang Li

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800025 Downloaded: 114 Clicked: 172 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Using psychophysiological measures to recognize personal music emotional experience

Le-kai Zhang, Shou-qian Sun, Bai-xi Xing, Rui-ming Luo, Ke-jun Zhang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800101 Downloaded: 139 Clicked: 184 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Bistable electrowetting device with non-planar designed controlling electrodes for display applications

Han Zhang, Xue-lei Liang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800167 Downloaded: 104 Clicked: 111 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A block-based secure and robust watermarking scheme for color images based on multi-resolution decomposition and de-correlation

Muhammad Imran, Bruce A Harvey, Muhammad Atif, Adnan Ali Memon

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700667 Downloaded: 118 Clicked: 213 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A novel method based on convolutional neural networks for deriving standard 12-lead ECG from serial 3-lead ECG

Lu-di WANG, Wei ZHOU, Ying XING, Na LIU, Mahmood MOVAHEDIPOUR, Xiao-guang ZHOU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700413 Downloaded: 154 Clicked: 210 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Classification of EEG-based single-trial motor imagery tasks using a B-CSP method for BCI

Zhi-chuan Tang, Chao Li, Jian-feng Wu, Peng-cheng Liu, Shi-wei Cheng

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800083 Downloaded: 102 Clicked: 125 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Design, development, and performance of an ammonia self-managed vaporization propulsion system for micro-nano satellites

Shu-jian Sun, Tao Meng, Zhong-he Jin

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800068 Downloaded: 175 Clicked: 157 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A saliency and Gaussian NET model for retinal vessel segmentation

Lan-yan XUE, Jia-wen LIN, Xin-rong CAO, Shao-hua ZHENG, Lun YU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700404 Downloaded: 173 Clicked: 177 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A three-stage method with efficient calculation for lot streaming flow-shop scheduling

Hai-yan WANG, Fu ZHAO, Hui-min GAO, John W SUTHERLAND

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700457 Downloaded: 107 Clicked: 80 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Low powered blockchain consensus protocols based on consistent hash

Lei YU, Xiao-fang ZHAO, Yan JIN, Heng-yi CAI, Bo WEI1,2, Bin HU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800119 Downloaded: 118 Clicked: 163 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

An artificial intelligence-based method for evaluating power grid node importance using network embedding and support vector regression

Hui-fang WANG, Chen-yu ZHANG, Dong-yang LIN, Ben-teng HE

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800146 Downloaded: 87 Clicked: 111 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Robust generalized sidelobe canceller based on eigenanalysis and a maxSINR beamformer

Quan-dong WANG, Liang-hao GUO, Wei-yu ZHANG, Sui-ling REN, Chao YAN

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700367 Downloaded: 160 Clicked: 226 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Hohmann transfer via constrained optimization

Li Xie, Yi-qun Zhang, Jun-yan Xu

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800295 Downloaded: 104 Clicked: 137 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Multi-level cross-layer protocol for end-to-end delay provisioning in wireless multimedia sensor networks

Hossein Hadadian Nejad Yousefi, Yousef Seifi Kavian,Alimorad Mahmoudi

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700855 Downloaded: 126 Clicked: 133 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Automatic image enhancement by Learning adaptive patch selection

Na Li, Jian Zhang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700125 Downloaded: 42 Clicked: 115 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

FAAD: an unsupervised fast and accurate anomaly detection method for a multi-dimensional sequence over the data stream

Bin Li, Yi-jie Wang, Dong-sheng Yang, Yong-mou Li, Xing-kong Ma

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800038 Downloaded: 72 Clicked: 87 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Correlation power attack on a message authentication code based on SM3

Ye Yuan, Kai-ge Qu, Li-ji Wu, Jia-wei Ma, Xiang-min Zhang

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800312 Downloaded: 80 Clicked: 149 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Cohort-based personalized query auto-completion

Dan-yang Jiang, Hong-hui Chen

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800010 Downloaded: 78 Clicked: 108 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Vascular segmentation of neuroimages based on a priori shape and local statistics

Yun Tian, Zi-feng Liu, Shi-feng Zhao

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800129 Downloaded: 67 Clicked: 180 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

MULKASE—a novel approach for key aggregate searchable encryption for multi-owner data

Mukti Padhya, Devesh C Jinwala

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800192 Downloaded: 100 Clicked: 137 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

De-scattering and edge-enhancement algorithms for underwater image restoration

Pan-wang Pan, Fei Yuan, En Cheng

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700744 Downloaded: 145 Clicked: 182 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Taylor expansion MUSIC method for joint DOD and DOA estimation in a bistatic MIMO array

Wen-tao SHI, Qun-fei ZHANG, Cheng-bing HE, Jing HAN

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700657 Downloaded: 41 Clicked: 74 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Adaptive compression method for underwater images based on the perceived quality estimation

Ya-qiong CAI , Hai-xia ZOU , Fei YUAN

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700737 Downloaded: 44 Clicked: 84 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Cost-effective resource segmentation in hierarchical mobileedge clouds

Ming-shuang JIN, Shuai GAO, Hong-bin LUO, Hong-ke ZHANG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800203 Downloaded: 43 Clicked: 56 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

An error recognition method for power equipment defect records based on knowledge graph technology

Hui-fang WANG, Zi-quan LIU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800260 Downloaded: 37 Clicked: 59 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Finding misplaced items using a mobile robot in a smart home environment

Qi WANG, Zhen FAN, Wei-hua SHENG, Sen-lin ZHANG, Mei-qin LIU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800275 Downloaded: 46 Clicked: 62 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Aneffective approach for low complexity maximum likelihood based AMC of STBC-MIMO systems

Maqsood H SHAH, Xiaoyu DANG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800306 Downloaded: 79 Clicked: 102 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

1.3‐µm 4×25 Gb/s hybrid integrated TOSA and ROSA

Yu-LIU, Hao-tian BAO, Yi-ming ZHANG,Zhi-ke ZHANG, Yun-shan ZHANG,
Xiang-fei CHEN, Jun LU, Yue-chun SHI, Jia-shun ZHANG,
Liang-liang WANG,Jun-ming AN,Ning-hua ZHU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800371 Downloaded: 69 Clicked: 61 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Dynamics of a neuron exposed to integer order and fractional order discontinuous external magnetic flux

Ahmed ALSAEDI, Tasawar HAYAT, Viet-thanh PHAM

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800389 Downloaded: 68 Clicked: 84 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A novel gradient climbing control for seeking the best communication point for data collection from a seabed platform using a single unmanned surface vehicle

Jiu-cai JIN, Jie ZHANG, Zhi-chao LV

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700732 Downloaded: 12 Clicked: 21 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Message delay time distribution analysis for controller area network under error

Lei-ming ZHANG, Yi-chao SUN, Yong LEI

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700815 Downloaded: 16 Clicked: 24 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Semidefinite relaxation aided noncoherent detection in two-way relay transmission

Chan-fei WANG, Ji-ai HE, Wei-fang WANG, Ya-mei XU

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800096 Downloaded: 8 Clicked: 16 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

A comprehensive error calibration method based on dual uniform circular array

Jia-jia ZHANG, Hui CHEN, Song XIAO, Meng-yu NI

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800240 Downloaded: 15 Clicked: 19 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Detecting interaction/complexity within crowd movements using braid entropy


DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800313 Downloaded: 15 Clicked: 27 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Differential coupling contributes to synchronization via a capacitor connection between chaotic circuits

Yu-meng XU, Zhao Yao, Aatef HOBINY, Jun MA

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800499 Downloaded: 18 Clicked: 35 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Scientific workflow execution system based on mimic defense in the cloud environment

Ya-wen WANG, Jiang-xing WU, Yun-fei GUO, Hong-chao HU, Wen-yan LIU, Guo-zhen CHENG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800621 Downloaded: 7 Clicked: 8 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Ten-channel mode-division-multiplexed silicon photonic integrated circuit with sharp bends

Chen-lei LI, Xiao-hui JIANG, Yung HSU, Guan-hong CHEN, Chi-wai CHOW,Dao-xin DAI

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800386 Downloaded: 4 Clicked: 10 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Fast emergency control strategy calculation based on dynamic equivalence and integral sensitivity

Yi-fan GAO, Jian-quan WANG, Tan-nan XIAO, Dao-zhuo JIANG

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1700389 Downloaded: 5 Clicked: 7 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

Discovery method for distributed denial of service attack behavior in SDNs using a feature-pattern graphmodel

Ya XIAO, Zhi-jie FAN, Amiya NAYAK, Cheng-xiang TAN

DOI: 10.1631/FITEE.1800436 Downloaded: 11 Clicked: 10 Cited: 0 Commented: 0(p.) <Full Text>

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