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Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A 2007 Vol.8 No.9 P.1495-1499


Fluidized-bed pyrolysis of waste bamboo

Author(s):  XIAO Gang, NI Ming-jiang, HUANG He, CHI Yong, XIAO Rui, ZHONG Zhao-ping, CEN Ke-fa

Affiliation(s):  Key Lab. on Clean Coal Power Generation and Combustion Technology of Ministry of Education, School of Energy and Environment, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China; more

Corresponding email(s):   xiaogangtianmen@seu.edu.cn

Key Words:  Bamboo, Pyrolysis, Fluidized beds, Syngas, Tar

XIAO Gang, NI Ming-jiang, HUANG He, CHI Yong, XIAO Rui, ZHONG Zhao-ping, CEN Ke-fa. Fluidized-bed pyrolysis of waste bamboo[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University Science A, 2007, 8(9): 1495-1499.

@article{title="Fluidized-bed pyrolysis of waste bamboo",
author="XIAO Gang, NI Ming-jiang, HUANG He, CHI Yong, XIAO Rui, ZHONG Zhao-ping, CEN Ke-fa",
journal="Journal of Zhejiang University Science A",
publisher="Zhejiang University Press & Springer",

%0 Journal Article
%T Fluidized-bed pyrolysis of waste bamboo
%A XIAO Gang
%A NI Ming-jiang
%A CHI Yong
%A ZHONG Zhao-ping
%A CEN Ke-fa
%J Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A
%V 8
%N 9
%P 1495-1499
%@ 1673-565X
%D 2007
%I Zhejiang University Press & Springer
%DOI 10.1631/jzus.2007.A1495

T1 - Fluidized-bed pyrolysis of waste bamboo
A1 - XIAO Gang
A1 - NI Ming-jiang
A1 - CHI Yong
A1 - XIAO Rui
A1 - ZHONG Zhao-ping
A1 - CEN Ke-fa
J0 - Journal of Zhejiang University Science A
VL - 8
IS - 9
SP - 1495
EP - 1499
%@ 1673-565X
Y1 - 2007
PB - Zhejiang University Press & Springer
ER -
DOI - 10.1631/jzus.2007.A1495

bamboo was a popular material substituting for wood, especially for one-off commodity in China. In order to recover energy and materials from waste bamboo, the basic characteristics of bamboo pyrolysis were studied by a thermogravimetric analyzer. It implied that the reaction began at 190~210 °C, and the percentage of solid product deceased from about 25% to 17% when temperature ranged from 400 °C to 700 °C. A lab-scale fluidized-bed furnace was setup to research the detailed properties of gaseous, liquid and solid products respectively. When temperature increased from 400 °C to 700 °C, the mass percent of solid product decreased from 27% to 17% approximately, while that of syngas rose up from 19% to 35%. When temperature was about 500°C, the percentage of tar reached the top, about 31%. The mass balance of these experiments was about 93%~95%. It indicated that three reactions involved in the process: pyrolysis of exterior bamboo, pyrolysis of interior bamboo and secondary pyrolysis of heavy tar.

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