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Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Deflection analysis of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with carbon fibre reinforced polymer under long-term load action

Mykolas Daugevičius, Juozas Valivonis, Gediminas Marčiukaitis

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1100317 Downloaded: 4013 Clicked: 3390 Cited: 4 Commented: 0(p.571-583) <Full Text>

Numerical investigation of the influence of companion drops on drop-on-demand ink jetting

Hai-yun Zhang, Jin Wang, Guo-dong Lu

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1200045 Downloaded: 1963 Clicked: 2988 Cited: 3 Commented: 0(p.584-595) <Full Text>

Bending behavior of double-row stabilizing piles with constructional time delay

Yang Yu, Yue-quan Shang, Hong-yue Sun

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1200027 Downloaded: 1462 Clicked: 2429 Cited: 5 Commented: 0(p.596-609) <Full Text>

Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering

Evaporate prediction and compensation of intake port wall-wetting fuel film for spark ignition engines fueled with ethanol-gasoline blends

Dong-wei Yao, Xin-chen Ling, Feng Wu

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1200068 Downloaded: 2433 Clicked: 3732 Cited: 1 Commented: 0(p.610-619) <Full Text>

Controlling traffic jams on a two-lane road using delayed-feedback signals

Liang Zheng, Shi-quan Zhong, Shou-feng Ma

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1200075 Downloaded: 1349 Clicked: 4961 Cited: 5 Commented: 0(p.620-632) <Full Text>

Material Science

Tribological evaluation of refined, bleached and deodorized palm stearin using four-ball tribotester with different normal loads

Chiong Ing Tiong, Yahya Azli, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Samion Syahrullail

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1200021 Downloaded: 2519 Clicked: 4422 Cited: 24 Commented: 0(p.633-640) <Full Text>


How far does China still need to go to internationalize her academic journals?

Jian-ping Lu

DOI: 10.1631/jzus.A1200175 Downloaded: 1108 Clicked: 2908 Cited: 1 Commented: 0(p.641-646) <Full Text>

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